Kalloni consists of seven villages, which are Anemotia, Skalohori, Philia, Parakila, Skala Kallonis, Papiana, Kerami, Argiana, Dafia and Arisvi, is situated in the centre of the island. The area of Kalloni has been the centre and the «lighthouse» of orthodoxy and culture. Its contribution to the determination of the education” s level,was very important, thanks to its Monasteries and to its historic Metropolis.
It has been reborn many times from its ashes due to the strong will and insistence of the locals.

It is Orthodoxy’s and Civilization’s lighthouse because of the historic Monasteries, the Metropolis and the local culture.

At the holy Monastery of Limonos – in the year 1530- we find the first school for clerics and at the holy Monastery of Panayias Myrsiniotissas at the same year the first school for women – unique in Greece. There in the year 1804 the Regional Greek Institute had been established. No matter where we are on the island, we can go to the Municipality of Kalloni in less than an hour. In the Municipality of Kalloni we will find a big and modern market place with shops that can satisfy everybody” s needs.

The Medical Centre of the north west island is situated in the Municipality of Kalloni.
The inhabitants have the possibility to get there a full medical and pharmaceutical care.
The visitor has the ability to have fun, go shopping, visit monuments and churches and generally spend his free hours very nice.

Kalloni is full of life during the whole year.
Is the centre of Lesvos island and the place of real, good life.

It’s a mountain settlement western of the area of Kalloni. The settlement has a great number of olive trees, lemon and orange trees.

The local people are very friendly and offer you a warm hospitality. Their works are agricultural mainly.

A mountain settlement that we getting close, as long as we are moving on the main road of Kalloni-Eressos, is 46 klm. away from the capital of Lesvos island.

A mountain settlement that we reach as long as we are moving on the main road of Kalloni-Eressos, 58 klm. away from the capital of Lesvos island. Great interest shows the building that is used as a school today which is built with traditional local stones.

It is settled 68 klm away from Mytilene. It is a mountain settlement that has decades of tradition. People of the area are extremely kind, preserve the traditions of their area and they mainly work with their animals and their olive trees.

This settlement is 55 klm away from the capital city of Lesvos island. It is a mountainsettlement, having picturesque, traditional small roads. The church of Saint Georgios is quite known.

A small traditional village 50 klm away from Mytilene.Here you can relax since tranquility is one of the area features.