Organic Farming


In Malemi Hotel we give priority to a healthy living through organic farming.

Various fruit trees are grown in our premises and we collect their fruits (figs, apricots, peaches, plums, quinces and more) throughout spring and summer to make jams and pies.

Nearly 80% of the vegetables offered to our clients is grown by us organically, in our attached to the hotel farm. We also produce and offer our very own extra virgin olive oil from our locally grown olive trees.

In our small-scale farm we also breed animals like goats, deers, rabbits, birds, chicken and ostriches!!

Malemi Hotel is committed to providing a homemade, healthy and fresh menu consisting of organic and/or locally sourced produce.

Furthermore, our guests are welcome to participate in any stage of the production, from planting and harvesting our fruits and vegetables to the final preparation of the food, jams and pastries.