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Our story


It was 1987 when George Kapsalis, a Greek from Alexandria of Egypt,  along with his wife Effy decided to built Malemi Hotel near the bay of Skala Kalloni, at the beautiful island of Lesvos. Since then our hotel never stopped evolving but  maintaining always it's true identity: a family run hotel with a kind soul and a big heart. Malemi offers unique accommodation and plenty of amenities for kids and adults, making it an ideal family destination. 

The hotels' contribution throughout the years to the islands ecotourism landscape has been substantial. It was the first hotel to accommodate birdwatchers and ecotourists on a larger scale, and we proudly sponsored book publications about the islands birds, flowers and trails. During the last years one of our biggest  dreams came true by making our own farm on the premises of the hotel.The farm provides nearly 80% of the vegetable served in our restaurant, enhancing our business' sustainability 

We are passionate with our work and we love meeting people from all over the world. You are all welcomed!

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